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Lady Gaga and Her Sweats


For the record, Lady Gaga does not discriminate against sweatpants, though she didn’t say anything specifically about yoga pants and other forms of loungewear. We get it – stretchy, soft, flexible fabrics are a clear no in her fashion world.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Lady Gaga had some choice words about undergarments, “I’m not prejudiced against sweatpants,” Gaga tells People. “My form of sweatpants is just a bra and panties. Everyone’s asked me that, like I have some vendetta. Wear what you like, be who you are.”

Now, if the rest of America would just embrace Lady Gaga’s wardrobe preference, be still our hearts, industry sales would be through the roof! At the airport, supermarket, trolling through urban and suburban street fairs – women in their knickers. Amen! Behold the colors, the textures, the lace and bows!

If you can’t just be who you are, Calvin Klein has a sale on loungewear going on right now.


How to Avoid the Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions of the Stars

We loved Sabrina Newman’s story on FoxNews.com on how to avoid those embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions Hollywood types commit less by error and more by PR ploy. I mean – how many people do they have handling them before an interview or appearance?

From FoxNews.com

The term “wardrobe malfunction”  entered the mainstream lexicon back in 2004 following a very unwelcome cameo  appearance by Janet  Jackson’s right breast during the half-time show. While the dust from that  media firestorm has long since settled, wardrobe malfunctions have remained as  relevant as ever thanks to countless starlets who have taken it upon themselves  to carry the malfunction torch.

While us regular folks don’t have  to worry about our malfunctions going viral on the blogosphere or becoming  trending topics on Twitter,  they can still cause significant embarrassment.

Nipple Slips

Going braless may feel liberating  and sometimes can seem like the only option in certain cases, but it puts you at  a very high risk of experiencing the most common malfunction on the market: the  nipple slip. While double stick tape can work for certain ensembles, it’s tough  to guarantee that it will stay in place and won’t sweat right off—especially  during the final sweltering stretch of summer.

Fortunately, you can wear that  risqué number with confidence thanks to the innovative new styles of  underpinnings on the market.

The 123underwear.com way: Bandeau Bras, Convertible Bras, Strapless Bras, Plunge Bras, Backless Bras …Whatever tricky top or dress, there is a reasonable solution.

Suddenly Sheer

A nipple doesn’t need to  physically pop out like Jack-in-the-Box in order to make an appearance. A  crueler kind of malfunction is the one that goes unnoticed… until there’s a  flash of a camera or a sudden burst of bright lighting, that is.

While not as notorious as “nipplegate” this form of wardrobe malfunction also had a moment in 2004 when  Alexander Kerry, daughter of presidential nominee John  Kerry, arrived at the Cannes film festival in a beautiful long black dress  that would have been classy and demure had it not suddenly turned translucent  under the spotlight, revealing the poor girls bare breasts and white panties (at  least she didn’t make the fatal mistake of going commando!).

Even for us regular gals, it can  ruin a night’s worth of amazing photos and cause great humiliation should you  unexpectedly find yourself under some bright lights.

To avoid this type of pickle, it’s  essential to do a thorough examination of the garment. A good trick is to put  your hand inside the piece and hold it up to the light. Can you see your hand?  Well then your body will not stand a chance against a potent flash and you need  to saddle up with some appropriate underpinnings!

When the Wind Blows…

It’s a sad, albeit slightly  amusing, scenario that we’ve all encountered. One minute you’re strolling along  feeling cute and confident in a breezy summer dress, the next a gust of wind  comes along, sending said dress up towards the sky.Even the Duchess of Cambridge  herself fell victim to the wind’s skirt-blowing wrath, which gave the world a  teeny glimpse of her royal heiny at the Calgary International Airport on her  last day in Canada.

While you may bask in having a  mini Marilyn  Monroe moment, most of us can’t pull off an upskirt situation with her  playful panache.  While there’s no way to outsmart the wind, you can  mitigate the embarrassment of this situation by wearing bike shorts or boy  shorts underneath a flowy dress or skirt. While flashing your thong or granny  panties to the world is beyond mortifying, showing off your bike shorts is just  revealing another layer of perfectly appropriate clothing.

Thanks to FoxNews.com



Lingerie Life Lessons

When we read this blog post by The Lingerie Addict on August 22, 2011, we absolutely fell in love with it. It details the “holy grail” of lessons learned over time about your lingerie. All women know that lingerie is not just simply a bra or panties. Lingerie holds much more significance than possibly any other article of clothing women may wear. Although not many people may see it, lingerie can change your appearance, your attitude, and most of all your confidence.

Here are the The Lingergie Addict’s 3 life lessons learned from lingerie:

1) You can’t fake a good fit. You know when your bra fits, and you know when it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter how many adjustments you make or what the saleslady tells you…you just know. The same is true of life. Friends, relationships, jobs…they either fit or they don’t. And when it doesn’t fit, don’t force it. Otherwise (much like an ill-fitting bra) you’ll wind up in a lot of pain and discomfort that you could have avoided.

2) Treat what you love with care. By now, you’ve probably heard that your lingerie should always be washed by hand and hung to dry…never subjected to the vagaries of a machine washer and dryer. Yes, it takes a little more time (and we all know how precious that is) but the benefit is that you’ll have an undergarment that lasts for years…all because you took proper care of it. The same is true for life. The people we value should be treated with care. Yes, it’ll take more time, but it’s worth it for the relationships that truly matter.

3) You are your own best reason. Lingerie isn’t just for your significant other. The very best reason to buy beautiful lingerie (whatever beautiful means to you) is because of how it makes you feel. You deserve to feel good, and any lingerie that helps with that is worth the price tag…no matter how big or how small. By the same token, you don’t have to wait for the right person to show up before you start taking care of yourself. You are your own best reason for living the life you want.

These lingerie lessons are certainly rules to live by in life, and in relation to your undergarments.

Courtesy of The Lingerie Addict.


What Panties Say About Your Sexuality

According to the folks at Modern Man, your choice of undies are a clue to your sexual moods and desires. Their super-scientific (OK, maybe not-so scientific) research led them to break down undies into a few basic categories.

Ruffles and bows – A women who dresses herself up in ruffles and bows is in a playful mood. She’s wrapped herself up as a gift and is wanting to be unwrapped and played with.

Elle Macpherson Dentelle Culotte


A woman in boyshorts is feeling strong, secure, and good about herself. Boyshorts are a bit of a tease, and so the woman wearing them might be playing hard to get.

Diesel Round Boyshort


The woman who chooses white, comfy cotton is all about keeping it simple. It’s the underwear equivalent of being naturally beautiful/wearing no-make-up.

Diesel Sheer Logo Lisiem Bikini Brief


A women in a thong or g-string may be more uninhibited or adventurous.

Cosabella Ever Low Rise Thong

For more sexy panty interpretations and a poll, check out Limelife.


123underwear.com and YourTango Team Up to Give One Lucky Twitter Follower an Underwear Makeover

Are you in need of an underwear makeover?

We’ve teamed up with relationships website YourTango to give one lucky Twitter follower 30 days of free panties. That’s right. All you have to do is visit YourTango online and follow them on Twitter from June 27, 2011-July 29, 2011 –  for a chance to win 30 days of sexy, stylish, panties.


Top 10 Must-Have Undergarments for Women

From the sensible and sensuous to the steamy, Beverly Russina, founder of 123underwear.com and Beverly’s Hill, intimates boutique in St. Louis, MO, reveals her ultimate undergarment checklist. This post originally appeared in SingleMindedWomen.com.

There are certain things every woman needs – and when it comes to undergarments, a girl can never have enough. After all, different occasions require specific pieces. From bras to panties and everything in between, here are my picks for the top 10 undergarments that every woman must have.

What type of bra should I wear?

Push-Up Bra: All women need a cleavage-boosting bra – especially those with a smaller-sized chest. The Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Lace Mystique Push-Up Bra ($44) is sexy, yet comfortable and works great under any piece of clothing.

Strapless Bra: No woman should have the “bra-strap-hanging-out” look. A nude and/or black strapless bra is essential. If you have a last minute event or dinner to attend, a strapless bra will make you look sophisticated and sexy.

Underwire Bra: Underwire bras are comfortable, make the busts look better and provide more lift and support. They are a great for when you want more control over the way your breasts look under certain items of clothing.

All-Lace Bra: Ladies, this is the date-night bra! An all-lace bra is ultra-sexy and will make you feel confident. Not to mention, you have to be prepared for someone to possibly see it at the end of the night. A great option is the Le Mystere Isabella All Over Lace Bra ($82).

Elle Macpherson Sheer Ribbons Contour Bra

What about panties?

Boyshorts: Designed for extra coverage and comfort. Perfect for lounging around in the house or even when it’s that time of month. JM Natura Modal Low Leg Brief ($17) is a classic, clean, durable and extremely comfortable boyshort.

Thong: Not only are thongs the epitome of sexy, but they’re essential for avoiding panty lines. A thong like Elle Macpherson’s Dentelle Thong ($24) is sexy, yet functional and a necessity in every woman’s underwear wardrobe.

Nude Panties: Nude or flesh-toned underwear are critical in order to avoid potential embarrassing (underwear) moments. These panties work well under an anything – especially light-colored clothing – as they camouflage with your skin.

What other lingerie or accessories should I own?

Click here to read the rest of the post.


Is It Ever Acceptable to Show Your Knickers?

Recently a UK TV star, of whom we have never heard before, was lambasted by style reporters for flashing her white underwear under a sheer black dress. This starlet has been known for impeccable fashion sense in the past. What was she thinking on this red carpet evening?

Looks as if she’s wearing the Cosabella Hottie Hot Pants – so we’ll give her a light applause for wearing lovely panties. Overall, there is little right about this fashion statement. It begs the question, is it ever acceptable to show your knickers?

Exposing your bra is more common than exposing your panties – unless you’re Cher (who I hear looks fierce in a thong still) or Lady Gaga, who is free to roam this nation’s airports in her underwear. The truth  is that there are very few acceptable times to expose your knickers. As we see it here at 123underwear.com, these are the *only* times, where you can get a pass:

1)  You’re at a concert and you want to fling your underwear on stage to the band’s lead singer.

2)  You’ve been caught in a horrific storm and you’re wearing all white.  (At this point you might be guilty of showing more than just your undies.)

3)  You’re in a hurricane zone and you happen to be wearing a skirt. (Get inside, quick!)

4)  You’ve fallen flat on your fanny while wearing a micro-mini.

5)  You’re dressing up at Lady Gaga for Halloween.

Image credit: The Daily Mail, UK; Pete Goddard/Splash News; XPOSUREPHOTOS.com